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No money in my pocket

There been a time when all of us had gone through a money situation and everything seen hopeless.

I was going through in the area of finance at one time and was blessed because of it.

I was at work one day and I had a desire for a soda.I place my hand into my pocket for some change.when I removed my hand from my pocket it came out empty.

The enemy came forth with his cunning ways and tried to give unto me the spirit of discouragement.

For a brief moment I found myself with a desire for it and was about to reach for it. Then there were a stirring within me and a voice spoke,you don’t have to accept discouragement.

Peace showed up and took hold of me.Joy danced all around about me and with a soft whisper said,can I come in.

Out of nowhere a cloud seems to form beneath my feet as if it was telling me ,I will take you above discouragement

I began to walked the floor of my office there were a sensation as if I was walking on air,then hope stepped forth and lifted me up.

Discouragement hung its head and with a grumbling voice and said,I’ll be back,I’ll be back.

Faith showed up with its chest out and said,sure you will and I will be right here.

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